Pre & Postnatal Strength Training

Pre and postnatal strength training classes are designed specifically to help you meet the physical demands of pregnancy and motherhood & are suitable for all fitness levels as they are scaled to meet your individual needs.

The aim of class is to maintain and your strength and function, based on the most up to date & evidence based information available.

The physical changes that occur during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period must be considered during exercise choices in ways that extend beyond doing pelvic floor exercises and avoiding movement.
An awareness of diastasis recti, prolapse and incontinence is essential for the empowerment of women to make informed decisions during this period.

Growing and giving birth to a baby is a huge physical demand on the body.
The bodies ability to adapt, transition and regenerate is a process that is unique to each woman.
There is no one-size-fits-all exercise program, no exact timeline for recovery, no way to guarantee a favorable type of birth and no guaranteed  prevention of diastasis recti or pelvic floor considerations.
However, with solid information, understanding and training strategy we can continue training through pregnancy and postpartum making decisions to provide the best outcomes for long term health, fitness & function.


These classes are for you if you:

  • Are pregnant now or have had a baby in the last year.
  • Want to continue or return to exercise during the chapters of pregnancy and postpartum with guidance from a professional who understands your needs.
  • Want to work with coach who is willing to take guidance from your pelvic health physiotherapy regarding any concerns that you have.
  • Want realise your potential strength in a small group setting with excellent individual attention.
  • Want to improve the strength and function of your deep core and pelvic floor or manage symptoms of diastasis recti and/or pelvic floor considerations.
  • Want to learn HOW to listen to your body in order to build a sustainable training strategy for long term pelvic health and function.

What’s involved?

To find out how I can best help you, I’ll ask you to fill out a simple questionnaire & this will allow me take your individual needs into consideration.
The first class is a one-to-one session where you will learn about your core and pelvic floor and start working towards improved strength and function.
On the second session you will join a small group of women of different ages, fitness levels and goals where each woman works to her own ability.
If you are currently under guidance of a pelvic floor physiotherapist I am happy to collaborate with them to provide you with a comprehensive training plan.
Class numbers are small so each person gets plenty of individual attention and guidance.
Using body weight exercises and kettlebells, we will work on creating strategies that incorporate your deep core with push, pull, hinge, carry and squat movement patterns.
These classes are generally used as a stepping stone back to your regular fitness preference with confidence.
How long you continue with them depends on your individual goals.


The initial four week block cost €80 and includes the first assessment and one to one session.
Each 4 week block after that costs €60 for 4 sessions based on one session per week.
The cost for 8 sessions within a 4 week block is €110.
You are welcome to bring your baby to some of these sessions.
Please enquire for more details.

Other Packages

Personal training sessions starting at €50 for one session or €100 for 3 sessions including a training plan tailored to suit your particular needs.

Please contact Maggie on 0871332904 if you would like to know more or to book your place.

More about Maggie here.