Pre & Postnatal Fitness Q&A.


The pre and postnatal fitness pendulum is swinging between extremes.
There is a wide range of vague, inaccurate, conflicting and misleading information out there.
It can be difficult to know if you are making the best decisions for you at this time.

Have you asked your doctor about continuing to exercise during pregnancy only to be told something like ‘yes exercise is safe in pregnancy….keep doing what you’ve always done’?

At your 6 week check up have you been given the ‘all clear’ to return exercise?

Have you experienced the increasingly prevalent fear-mongering about pre and postnatal considerations such as diastasis recti?

Are you aware of the exercise plans and programs being sold as cures, fixes and preventative measures based on NO EVIDENCE whatsoever.

Do you want to know how to continue to do the exercise you enjoy in a way that is sustainable and enjoyable?


These informal sessions were created for women like you who are looking for guidance in order to make decisions about exercise with confidence.

Commonly asked questions include:

‘Can I continue to run during pregnancy?’

‘How much weight can I lift during pregnancy?’

‘When can I go back to running after I have my baby?’

‘Do I need to see a pelvic health physio?’

‘When should I stop doing planks and crunches?’

‘How will I know I am ready to reintroduce crunches postpartum?’

Often times there is no one-size-fits-all answer to many of these questions.
That’s why it’s important to talk to a trusted professional.

Come down to one of our regularly scheduled Q&A sessions to find out more.
lease get in contact for more information.

Maggie helps women to continue to exercise during pregnancy and to make a strong sustainable return to sport and fitness postpartum.