Women Only Strength Training


Why is strength training for women so important?

Strength training can have LIFE CHANGING benefits for women.
Women feel more confident and gain an appreciation for their bodies that they hadn’t previously experienced or imagined.
Ultimately women who train for strength get STRONGER.
And with improved strength and muscle gain comes countless other benefits.
For women this is particularly important for hormone, heart, cardiovascular and brain health.
There are multiple carry over effects into everyday life and sports and fitness.

What is different about strength training for women only?
Due to their anatomy women have unique physical considerations.
A female-inclusive approach to strength training, that takes pelvic health into consideration is therefore essential, particularly for women have had a baby (no matter how long ago).
Integrating the deep core system (including the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles) with movement and strength training, we can improve it’s function.
This system is in essence the foundation of all movement and improving it’s function and performance can increase quality of life and overall strength and fitness levels.
The aim of these classes is for women to feel confident in their bodies while realising their true and potential strength without limitation.

Who are these classes for?
If you’re a woman of any age or fitness ability who wants to:

-get stronger
– improve your deep core & pelvic floor function
– e
xercise in a small group and friendly environment
– return to a fitness routine after a break (of however long)
– add strength training to supplement another interest such as running, walking or cycling
– would like to train according to guidelines from a pelvic floor physiotherapist with a coach who understands your needs
– or ANY OTHER REASON you might have these classes are for you

What’s involved?
Women Only strength training classes are similar to regular strength training classes but with a few significant differences.
To find out how I can best help you, I’ll ask you to fill out a simple questionnaire & this will allow me take your individual needs into consideration.
The first class is a one-to-one session where you will learn about your core and pelvic floor and start working towards improved strength and function.
On the second session you will join a small group of women of different ages, fitness levels and goals where each woman works to her own ability.
If you are currently under guidance of a pelvic floor physiotherapist I am happy to collaborate with them to provide you with a comprehensive training plan.
Class numbers are small so each person gets plenty of individual attention and guidance.
Using body weight exercises and kettlebells, we will work on creating strategies that incorporate your deep core with push, pull, hinge, carry and squat movement patterns.
These classes are generally used as a stepping stone into regular ‘classes’ and how long you continue with them depends on your individual goals.

The initial four week block cost €80 and includes the first assessment and one to one session.
Each 4 week block after that costs €60 for 4 sessions based on one session per week.
The cost for 8 sessions within a 4 week block is €110.
You are welcome to bring your baby to the morning session.


Other Packages
Personal training sessions starting at €50 for one session or €100 for 3 sessions including a training plan tailored to suit your particular needs.

Please contact Maggie on 0871332904 if you would like to know more or to book your place.

More about Maggie here.